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this is a mega classic , i almost had forgot about this (not really) but its mega classic and if u don’t know this one it’s time 2 ketchup cos this is so OG and so real motëm so classic, this is also relevant to some stuff that is going to happen in the future cos the future and the past and the present are all connected my chiefs.

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#getstoked #hamont poster by @ehcmonbro
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#getstoked #hamont poster by @ehcmonbro

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babby’s first mix : )
s o
e m o t i o n a l

コンバットcombat_armsよろいかぶ - : military_lyfe
Lil Ocean - II
Mike Labyrinth - Covered N Money (Mike Labyrinth Remix)
softforever - jeremih - birthday sex (softforever remix)
Kissed Killed - “O N L Y O N E” (DRNRDX C&S Mix)
Motëm - M O R T A L K O M B A T

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